Tagung „The Unity of a Person“

LMU Munich, 25.-27. April, 2019

The Conference will discuss Eric T. Olson’s thesis that “no account of our identity has yet been proposed that guarantees […] the coincidence of what is important in our identity with the actual conditions of our identity”. The conference aims to develop a conception of a person that is both ontologically and ethically coherent by raising the following questions:

  • What kind of ontological basis (substances, lives, processes) does most justice to the normative dimension of a person?

  • How are ontological, subjective and normative dimensions interwoven in the concept of a person?

  • Does subjectivity meet the requirements of the conception of a person?

  • How can we understand the intersubjective and normative reality of persons that can be called a “person space”?

Some of the talks have been recorded an can be accessed here.

In cooperation with


The conference is kindly supported by the German Research Foundation.


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